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brazilian waxP.jpg


Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Our customized brazilians mean we use whichever products work best for YOUR hair and YOUR skin. That means you'll be baby smooth longer and the process will be less painful than anywhere else. 



Going to the beach soon? Or just hate the hair on your back or chest? Let us help! We promise its nothing like the 40 year old virgin - No screaming involved :) 



Theres nothing better than clean sheets, but have you ever had clean sheets and freshly waxed legs... HEAVEN! No more shaving every day of summer! 

Body Waxing

underarm wax.jpg


Are you ever in the shower and shave one underarm just to get to the next and feel like you're spinning in a circle? Say goodbye to dizziness and get your underarms waxed!

bikini wax.jpg


With a bikini wax we only take what is outside a normal panty line. You'll be ready for the waterpark with the family by the time you leave!

french bikini.jpg


Those dang bikinis just keep getting smaller and smaller but you just aren't ready to fully commit to taking it all off - this is the service for you. Perfect for those high cut bikinis and lake Eufala.

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